Christina's Country

The Magickal, Merry Meanderings of Gypsy Soul!

Christina’s Country Dreams

Hi, I’m Christina!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Ever since I can remember I have dreamed of living in the country. Well, except for the few short years as a little girl OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthat we lived next to my Grandparents “farm”, a two acre plot with a yellow brick house that they built themselves, garden, a barn, a tractor, chickens and even a pony!

My Grandmother canned the crab apples that grew on the tree int he back yard, baked, sewed and even made a doily or two. My Grandfather, a physicist and operatic tenor, built things, repaired things and had a passion of growing roses, Jaguars cars and bringing home every stray dog that crossed his path.

Between them, I found a love of making things, doing it myself, learning and discovering… and a love of the country!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   That was many years ago and I have grown up and live in a little old house (built in 1860) of my own with my husband, one Great Pyrenees dog, Bella, a very old cat (20 years this August!) Phoebe, and two hens, Dottie and Goldie.

I am self-educated and self- employed with two on-line shops, one on eBay for 13 years and another newer one on Etsy, and work to hand craft my country dreams right here on this  half acre on the border between the quickly encroaching suburbs and what used to be very rural. It is a direct reflection of life in these “modern” days… somewhere between what was an what will be. And that is exactly where I am, seeking balance between the best of the old ways and the new, and between city life and country living.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I want ot know what works. Along the path, I have ventured into  such varied subjects as Animal Husbandry, Baking Bread, Blogging, Canning, Crochet,  Crystal Healing, Dyeing, Faux Painting,  Fermenting, Floristry, Gardening (Organic & Not), Guitar Playing, Hairdressing, Herbology, Homesteading, Knitting, Jewelry Making, Manifestation, Meditation,  Sewing, Singing, Spinning, Survivalism, Quilting, Veganism & Vegetarianism, Whole Foods, Yoga and lots more!

  Lets just say that, when you have a desire to learn about things and try your hand at making them…

Life is never dull!

Come along and lets share the journey.

I have so much to tell you!



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