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Which Ribbon are You Competing For?

   I just wanted to share with you the latest blog entry by author Molly Larkin called

Competition and the Pink RibbonImage

   Competition is a wonderful thing.

It provides drive and inspiration to our creativity. But, we must remember always to take a moment to determine why we are competing, and like the little girl in the story, we will hopefully find that it is for all of the right reasons!


   Molly Larkin is a wonderful writer, teacher, energy healer and worked to co-author, with her teacher Bear Heart on “The Wind is my Mother: The Life and Teachings of a Native American Shaman.”

   I find her to be very inspirational in helping to keep my own feet on the right path! Thank You, once again Molly, for this story. You always seem to uplift with your posts, Bear Heart would be proud of  you!


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One thought on “Which Ribbon are You Competing For?

  1. Thank you so much, Christina. My heart is made glad by your kind words.

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