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Chocolate Pudding to Go & the Loch Ness Chicken

I was packing the hubby’s lunch this morning when I received a request for a chocolate pudding cup. I opened the fridge and looked… no pudding. I stared actually moving things around… Hmmmmm…. I got down on my knees and got to some serious rummaging, almost upsetting a container of my  Home Made Ranch Dip (Thankfully, I caught it with my knees! Whew!) and still… No pudding.

“We’re out!”, I called into the other room.

“Y’know what?…… Wait a a minute!”.

In a flash of light, probably from the still open refrigerator door, I got an idea! I had a package of pudding mix, chocolate, and I had milk! OK, so the pudding mix is not home made, which I’d prefer to the way to long list of ingredients, but at least the milk is organic and it is instant.

“Never mind, I can give you pudding!”

Plug in the mixer, in goes the milk, in goes the mix, whir, whir whir… and Instant Chocolate Pudding! Into the worlds tiniest plastic storage snap top container and one spoon… We’re in business!

I save some money, attained at least a little more control over what I serve and eat, and…. Remind me again why I was buying pudding cups?!

    And the whole time,

I was being watched…

Back and forth it went across the kitchen doorway. ImagePoking its head up, only to bob back down after who-knows-what.

What is it! It looks like the Lock Ness Monster, but no, it just …

a chicken!

“The Girls”, Goldie and Dottie like to hang out outside the kitchen door and beg for scraps, or if they are really lucky… raisins!

This time….


They got  lucky!

The funniest thing about this picture is that you don’t see any raisins in my  hand! And why is that? Because they eat them with such fury that, by the time I was able to click the camera, the raisins were all gone, and only perplexed looks remained on the faces the the chicken!

But, I promise, there were raisins there just a second ago!



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