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My, My What $15 Can Buy These Days!

We all occasionally need a little “retail therapy”, and I am certainly no exception! So, when the bug hit me the other day, I grabbed a handful of cash and headed for my local thrift shop.

Nothing gives me a bigger thrill than coming home bearing a back seat full of treasures for mere pence, especially when my pence have gone to benefit a good charitable organization! It is a win, win all the way around.

And, Boy!, did I score on this trip! I got….

Thrift Shopping Booty   A framed print of adorable jam and jelly jars, under glass.

A brand new looking Chicos silk 3/4 length sleeved, button down shirt in a perfect floral print that I can enjoy through Summer and into Fall.

The “Thursday is Pot Luck: from Hearty Casseroles to Stir Fries to Main Course Salads” cook book for .50 cents, which has a recipe for Coq au Vin which  I have been wanting to try.

And, The Rodale’s “All New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening”, 690 pages of gardening wisdom and help!


Picinic Basket

This lidded picnic basket, which I will use for country cottage storage under my side board table in the dining room.


Thrist store books

“Bread Machine: How to Prepare and Bake the Perfect Loaf” by Jennie Shapter, a beautifully illustrated, over-sized cook book which has a recipe for Russian Black Bread that I have been searching for, as well as other goodies, like Barley Farmhouse Loaf, Marble Pesto bread, a Mixed Herb Cottage Loaf, Maple Oatmeal Bread,Sweet potato, Beet and Pumpkin breads, Potato saffron and even Haman’s Hats, Yorkshire Teacakes and Doughnuts!

I think that this one is soon to become a favorite!tiny heart

and, “More Quick Watercolor Quilts” by Dina Pappas. The cover of this one got me. I have been noticing how the old coverlet on our bed is getting rather tatty, and have been contemplating making a new quilt for it, something light, as even though I can sleep very comfortably on a Summer’s night under a hugh pile of blankets like any good hobbit, my husband tosses and turns complaining of drowning in a pool of sweat.

What I like about the quilts shown in this book are that they are all very simple….and fast ( I really have no patience, contrary to the way it may seem!). The clever use of floral printed fabrics is what provides  the look of intricacy and detail! And they are all done using fusible interfacing and  the thinnest batting ( sometimes I substitute a single layer of flannel for the batting).

Now all I need to do is watch the $1 a yard bins when I am out for some nice, cotton prints!

I have even chosen this one…


Albeit the design is a bit beyond my patience level and intention, BUT I like the fabrics used in the background. The “four square” effect and the floral border. I think that that alone would make a very nice quilt, and would help incorporate the hubby’s choice of dark blue ( I asked!) in the bedroom, and my preference for all colors natural!

 I also got two old copies of Mother earth News!

 Not bad for $15, Eh?!

~~~tiny heart~~~



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