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Peas in a Pod… My Summer Weekend Pasta Salad & Country Doctored Corn Bread Recipes

Well, here they are…..

Peas in a pod         Peas in a pod, as promised! (They are just so pretty!)

The peas are a cold weather plant and we are just about at the the of their reign in the garden. I have been picking them every day and they have provided not only snacks it the form of baby pea pods, but also peas for the freezer.

But now, I will stop picking them and let them grow and dry on the bushes to make dry pea seed for next years garden!

~~~tiny heart~~~

 Summer Weekend Pasta Salad Recipe

  Now, about the pasta salad! I made a batch for Father’s Day, as we always have a Father’s Day BBQ for Dad. This year we had BBQ Chicken and London Broil, Pasta Salad and “Country Doctored” corn bread too!

Summer Weekend Pasta Salad Recipe   This recipe, as almost all of my recipes, is flexible and doe not require accurate measurements. Please feel free to substitute whatever you have, as that is the “old country way” of doing things: Use it up and make due. Never waste!

I used a 1lb box of Tri Color Rotini pasta and boiled it up to the recommended box specs in salted water. After boiling I rinsed it till it was well cooled under cold water in a colander. Once it was finished dripping, I added half a 16 ounce bottle of Wish Bone “House Italian” Dressing.

Then the fun part… adding goodies! I diced half a green pepper, a stalk of celery, and about half an onion.  I added about a teaspoon each of dried Parsley, Oregano and Chives, and a 1/2 teaspoon of chopped fresh garlic.

In went half a small jar of red peppers and a whole small jar of artichoke pieces, all cut up, and then one 1/4″ tick slice each of Genoa Salami and Sharp Provolone cheese I had specially cut at the deli, also cut into small cubes. Lot of stirring and there you have it!

This recipe really feeds a crowd, or in our case…. feeds the BBQ with enough to send home withe the elders and some for side dishes with left overs for a few days too!

And, as I said, you can substitute any other kind of pasta, salad dressing (home made would have been ideal, but I ran out of time!), cold cuts, herbs, veggies, etc. Eliminate what you don’t like, add more of what you do like or change it all up. That’s the creativity and fun (as well as the thriftiness!) of not being a slave to recipes! ( and I did not add peas. I thought about it, but I am hoarding them for the first Autumn stews! Hee, Hee!)

~~~tiny heart ~~~

   Country Doctored Corn Bread Recipe

   Another great recipe that gives that home made touch to a simple corn bread from a mix.Country Doctored Corn Bread

   You’ll need:

2 boxes of Jiffy Corn Bread Mix

1 ear of fresh corn with its kernels cut off (yes, of course you can substitute canned or frozen corn! If you do, it comes to about 1/2 a cup)

1/4 cup cut up jar red peppers

1 teaspoon dried Parsley

1/2 teaspoon of Sage and Rosemary

   First mix up the corn bread mix according to the package direction and then add all of the other goodies. It will still bake up in 20 minutes, it’ll just be prettier and even more delicious!

   You can add jalapenos and chili spice for a more Southwestern flavor, or almost anything… as almost anything goes so well with corn. Besides, this is the most accommodation mix I have ever found and is one of the few that I buy instead of making form scratch. (That’s another thing. When I buy to stock up the pantry, I generally prefer to buy components instead of mixes, or completed things. It is cheaper and it seems redundant to buy corn meal and Jiffy mix, or fluopr and pancake mix.)


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