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DIY Recycled Eco-Friendly Yarn Snob Yarns for Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

I am a definite yarn snob in that I would rather have a fine, sweetly textured yarn running through my fingers any day over those all-too-abundant horrid, scratchy ones!

Now that does mean that I am made of money… I just said that I’m a yarn snob! So how do I come by my fine fibers for cheap? I recycle them myself!

Look at the incredible, kitten soft gray 100% cashmere yarn shown at right. It is about 250 yards that was reclaimed Yummy Cashmere Yarnfrom an old thrift shop sweater! It costs ab0ut .02 cents per yard!

This post has all of the resources you’ll need to become a fine fiber yarn snob too… on a milk money budget!

And did I mention that it is Good Karma too? It is! Buy your sweaters from a thrifty shop that benefits someone or something and you are saving clothes from being tossed if they don’t  sell. They don’t even have to fit you, nor do they have to be perfect. Even a stained or torn sweater can yield a fine crop of fiber!

Talk about Crafting with heart! Let’s dive right in!

~~~tiny heart ~~~

   Our friends at have about the best tutorial on how to reclaim yarns form sweaters to produce your own yarns. You an find it HERE. It is super detailed and will help you chose the best sweaters so that you get the most for your thrifty dollars!

~~~tiny heart ~~~

      And once you have a few lovely hanks, you’ll need some printable tags to keep track of what they are made of and how many yards, etc.  Click this link to get yours now…Printable Reclaimed Yarn Tags

~~~tiny heart ~~~

   This really got you thinking?  Of course you can now have the biggest and bestest yarn stash of anyone you know, for waaay less than they all paid too, lets just say that there is more than one Etsy shop entirely  devoted to recycled or up-cycled yarns!

Yes, some crafty folk are actually making money reclaiming yarn while watching their favorite TV shows in the evening. Now that’s ingenuity! Keep it clean, colorful and honest and you can do the same!

Or why not take a bunch tot he flea market? Or a craft bizarre? This idea has allot of yardage to it if you use your noodle.  So… If you have the Clinton… You go! Make money and Save the Earth at the same time! Woo Hoo!


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