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Garden Stars: New Zealand Spinach

New Zealand Spinach… it’s got it all!

~~~ tiny heart~~~

This delicious green (Tetragonia tetragonoides ) is not a true spinach, but its triangular, bright green leaves taste and cook just like it and are easier to grow! These hardy souls New Zealand Spinachtolerate Summer heat and droughts and are disease and pest resistant to a fault, with few insects daring go near it!

Plus, the more you cut them, the more grows, as it has a trailing habit. So you can plant it once and enjoy it all season long. So get these seeds in right after the danger os Spring frost has passed and plant them where you will want them to be all Summer long. Some even plant this as an ornamental due to its lovely leaves, so it would make a great bit of edible landscaping if you so choose.

New Zealand Spinach can be grown as a perennial in warmer climes, or purposely reseeded, if it does not do so of its own prolific accord, New Zealand Spinachin cooler regions. The seeds can be slow to germinate and it is recommended that they be soaked in water for 24 hours prior to planting. After that, toss a handful of compost at them, cover with a little mulch and no further special attention will be  required. These plants are open pollinated and heirloom, so their seeds will reproduce truly year after year too, which is  thrifty as you need not buy the same seed over and over again and already know how what you have will perform for your efforts!

This is one of those “Must have” plants that will make oyu feel like a master gardener and thrill you with how much you will harvest of it.  To me, if you are getting sick of it and cannot figure out what to do with it, then it is a good thing to plant and has earned its place as one of my “Garden Stars”.


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