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What I Did on my Lunch Break: Recycled Yarn… From Sweater to FREE Baltic Breeze Knit Shawl Pattern

I tiny heartlovetiny heart shawls and I really do wear them! I think that they are very cool over a simple T-Shirt with jeans, etc. Very relaxed, country chic!

I have been eyeing up this wonderful FREE pattern “Baltic Sea Breeze Shawl“, but did not yet have yarn picked baltic breeze shawlout for it… Until now!

Yesterday I made it to the  thrift shop just as they were fleeing in fear of the approaching severe thunderstorms (you see, this particular shop  is staffed by local senior ladies who volunteer there, and are not going to be struck down before their time for me to meander about a store looking or old sweaters and kitchen chachkis!). I managed to grab a few promising candidates before they locked and bolted the doors on me!

So, over lunch today (which was a delicious sweet potato slices from this mornings veggie roast, on home made bread with a slathering of  Sunny Lemon Sandwich Spread. YUM!), I decided to begin unraveling this particular find, a size large sweater originally form Dress Barn in a wonderful, naturally colored long color changes through grays, browns, and heathered russets and golds.

A Thrifty Store Sweater

A Thrifty Store Sweater

I focused my attentions on the large, fold over collar. So far I have harvested approximately 177 yards in 15 minutes (leaving enough  time to enjoy my sandwich too).

The pattern recommends 600 meters of a fine gauge yarn, so that is about 656 yards. I think that this sweater may yield enough! The long color changes are just right too, even if the yarn is a bit heavier gauge, so I can just use a larger needle and end it sooner, as the same pattern is repeated over and over throughout.

      Wouldn’t that be nice for Fall!

Becomes a Thrifty Yarn!

Becomes a Thrifty Yarn!


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