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Tracking Signs…

I find that when things happen in threes, it is as if they are trying to get your attention. Especially if three related things happen in less than 24 hours.  These are what I refer to as “signs”, some may call them omens, but I think that that makes them sound very woo hoo and super natural when, in fact, the word I prefer,  “signs“, makes us think more of natural occurrences that are put there as sign posts along our path to help guide us.  Then they become very natural happenings, and, as I feel that they are intended to be, a form of communication between Spirit and ourselves. Such has been the case with the following three events that I have seen in less than the past 24 hours.circling hawk

The first occurred while I was driving home late yesterday afternoon. I saw a squirrel run out into the road right in front of the truck that was driving in front of me.

“Oh, Be Careful!,” I thought, but before I could even the idea, the squirrel zigged when it should have zagged and was hit. “Wow! How suddenly it all can end.” I thought. We never know when something, or some one, will just end. Here was this squirrel on its way to do more of whatever squirrels do and than… Well, it was just done.

Later yesterday evening, we caught the last 3/4 of the movie ” Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”. It;s got that guy from “The office” in it and he is usually pretty funny! It seemed kind of light hearted, in a dark sort of a another-end-of-the-world movie way, but the ending disturbed me a bit.

Was it happy, or horribly sad? Again, the theme was that things end in their own time and on their own schedule, not ours… and our best lain intentions and plans have seem to have their own agendas. Things end abruptly. At least that how it seems from our point of view. (We’ll just put it that way in case you have not, or intend to see the movie. It is pretty good and no one likes a spoiler!).

Then… This morning, I have someone write to me with a request regarding a serious, possibly terminal, illness, and I told them that the strongest help that they could ever find would never come from someone else, but could only come from their own desire to be there with the ones that they love, and that nothing any doctor says, not how or when matters.. only their desire to live and love is what really matters.

I am not sure how or why these three things have presented themselves to me in such short order, but pondering it will do no good. I have paid attention, and that is my end of the bargain. I do appreciate the head sup, and I will watch for more signs regarding this matter. I am sure that soon I will be shown the reason for these things.


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