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The Magickal, Merry Meanderings of Gypsy Soul!

Down? Blue? In a Funk? Need a Smile… a Chuckle….a Laugh?

If  you knit or crochet… Heck! Even if you don’t!… I’ve got you covered!

A Turkey Headed Woman?

A Turkey Headed Woman?

You see, there is this little web site called ” What Not to Crochet”, and there is a very good reason why I have not made that first link clickable too! I am worried that, in your rush for relief from the blah, Oh-Damn-Its-Monday-Again state, that you will click before reading the warning. So here it is, and THEN I’ll give you the link:


 It is best not to be drinking, sipping or other wise consuming or chewing anything before clicking on this site! You also may wish to go to the bathroom first, as this site contains some seriously funny stuff!


Now I feel I’ve done my part!

So, get yourself ready,

and then click on the ugly… well, whatever that is below!


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