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One Pair Done… Wonderful Hand Knit Socks Using My Favorite Pattern & Plans for Bolster Pillows

Peaches Socks    And to think that I used to be so intimidated by socks! SOCKS! Huh!

Actually, I still would be if it weren’t for that knitting blog with the really weird name.. Momogus Knits!

Here are my latest creations using their amazingly simple, and Oh-My-Gosh-How -great-They-Fit (almost like the pattern was designed for human feet!) Toe Up Sock Pattern, which you can find HERE!

As you can see, having completed a few pairs, I am now beginning to Peaches Socks wander from the original pattern by adding simple, functional, design elements, such as the 2 by 2 ribbing which I began right after finishing the heel and the little crocheted edging. But that is a testament to the confidence that their pattern gives you!

And have a gander at  how tight the side of the heel is! You’ll find no notorious wee holes peeking through there! Momogus’ pattern solves that problem right off the bat. I mean, who wants to have to Peaches socksgo back and to “fix” what you just finished making?

And, Yes, I know that I’ve mentioned them before, but they have more than earned being mentioned again… and again! I cannot tell you how many other patterns that promised perfect socks for the beginning sock knitter that failed me terribly. The patterns that Momogus makes really work!

And the yarn was a delight too! It is Dubois Hand Painted Sock Yarn by Mountain Meadow Wool Mills, a 100% USA start to finish wool mill in Wyoming. The colorway is “Peaches” and the wool is 100% Mountain Merino and has the most delicious squishiness to it. Ahhhh…. Nothing beats real wool socks! I carry this fine yarn, and lots more in my Etsy shop.


Now I’m all hopped up on crafty confidence and have decided to make bolster pillows for the camper! I need two for the sofa so that if you are sitting on it with your feet up, you can lean against the wall on one side or the back of the dinette on the other. I have looked everywhere and could find none that are the correct size, not to mention anything that I’d want to actually spend any money on (perhaps due to the sheer hideousness of what is available coupled with the outrageous price of a piece of fluff stuffed into butt ugly cloth coverings! I am NOT paying $20-$30 for ugly!).

I looked on line ( Hey! Let’s get our money’s worth out of that monthly subscription, shall we!), and found this tutorial on how to make a bolster pillow, or rather, how to cover one, as I am very lucky to live nearby to a large Jewish community in Lakewood who sews like mad and has an amazing sewing store with literally everything you ever could want in it. (This is one of the few things I’d miss about this area if (when!) we move… Stitch N Sew and three restaurants: Juanitos Mexican, Federici’s Pizza and La Cucina de Manuela’s .

So I am going there this afternoon and will select the right size bolsters and some fabric to cover them. I am certainly not a wiz with a sewing machine, but this is only 8 steps and does not look like it could be much simpler, and it certainly won;t cost what the store pillows will! PLUS, it will match. In other words, you cannot really go wrong here.

I am also going to look for some fun fabric to make a cloth bag in which to store the adorably obligatory strings of miniature retro camper party lights and their clothes pins (which we quickly found out work way better than the clips sold specifically for the purpose of hanging them on your awning!).

They are too darn cute! We liked them so much we bought three strings!

I’ll post pictures when I’m done.


Here are some fabric and bolster stuffing choices…

And “Ta Da!”….my Singer “CG”. It is the same model used in high  schools so you can only imagine that it is virtually indestructible! At least, I have not been able to kill it! And, man, is it fast!

Not a fancy machine, but I have quilted, repaired and sewn to my heart’s delight for years on one! I recommend this baby to everyone. It is the last machine you’ll ever need!


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2 thoughts on “One Pair Done… Wonderful Hand Knit Socks Using My Favorite Pattern & Plans for Bolster Pillows

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about the Momogus* Knits Toe-Up Socks pattern! It’s thrilling for me to see beautiful work like yours from one of my patterns. I’m so glad you’re enjoying socks – they’re my favorite project!

    *my son’s name is Gus; hence the Mom-o-Gus. 🙂 People usually think it’s some kind of monster – the dreaded Momogus!

    • I do love your pattern… and I always wondered about the name! I cannot tell you how many other patterns I tried, and never “got it” until yours! I am grateful, I just have one problem… I cannot stand store bought socks any longer, and have promised myself that I’d buy no more socks in 2013 and will make as many pairs as possible for me, the hubby and a few to gift too. Look what you started!
      I was just working on a short cuff pair this weekend, almost done too!

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