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Garden of Delights & A New Sock Pattern in the Works….”Red Road”

Oh, Summer Garden of Delights!Summer Garden of Delight

Last night, I ventured out to the garden and harvested the first Summer Squash and the first beefsteak tomato (I prefer to cut these before they ripen so much that the bugs find them irresistible!).

The squash is a volunteer, that chose to grow in our tiny corn patch. And who am I to say that it may not live its brief life where it chooses to! Although its name is unknown, it was delicious sauteed with the two tiny carrots, Swiss Chard and New Zealand Spinach, along with a handful of string beans (hiding beneath the Chard) and a spring of fragrant Rosemary!

I love simple dinners like that. I simply tossed it all in a skillet in veggie broth with a goodly sprinkling of Spike Seasoning
and a wee shot each of Tamari and Golden Balsamic Vinegar. I learned this method of cooking from one of my all time favorite cookbooks, the Hippie Kitchen: A Measurefree Vegetarian Cookbook by Jean Johnson! She takes all of the fear out of cooking as far a measuring and developing flavor goes, and allows you to learn the simplest of techniques and throw together super tasty meals in a jiffy! ( Please don’t be put off by the ‘vegetarian” moniker! These techniques are useful for anyone who eats or must feed their brood. After all, we all eat vegetables, the vegetarians just remain at the salad bar while the carnivores go to the next course! Let’s not get so hung up on terminology that we fail to recognize a good thing when we see it! Jean’s ways are not only healthy and fast, but frugal as well!


Two evenings ago I began a concept sock wherein I would create a “Red Road” short camp (you know, for our new-to-us camper!) sock with a Native American inspired arrowhead design.

I have always had a keen interest in all things Native American, even before I discovered that I had a goodly (about a quarter) dose of Cherokee/ Catawba/ PeeDee blood in me. But that is another story for around another fire!

And what better yarn to use than Mountain Down by Mountain Meadow Wool Mills (a 100% USA company in WY) a Merino Wool and American Bison ( aka Buffalo) wool blend that has a wonderfully rustic, yet soft hand (no scratchies here!). So I gathered a hank of Natural undyed and then another of Geranium, after all, it is the red road, so it is only apt that there be a bit of red in there… perhaps the toe, heel and cuff. Yes, that’ll do!

The pattern is rather addictive and goes quickly with only four rows of pattern repeat, two of which are all knit! This pattern will be appropriate for the person who is ont heir second or third pair of socks… Nothing very difficult here.

This yarn is not actually a sock yarn, but is close enough to produce a wonderfully textural, thick and wooly but not stiff or bulky at all material. I keep sliding my hand inside it and can’t wait to slip my tootsies into he finished product!

So, here are some pics of the prototype and a bit of the detailing as it is coming along (Please ignore the extra bits parts of patterning that seem to be trying to grow on either side that will not be featured in the finished design… Ahem!).


I’ll be posting more about this pattern once it is completed and available!


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