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Helpful Solution for Cats With Bad Liter Box Aim

It happens. Some cats just have bad aim, and some are just, well, very, very old, like our cat Phoebe, and are not always aware of where they are going.

Either way, we have found a helpful solution! We use wee wee pads that were left over from when we got our mow 84 pound puppy, Bella, last June. She never used them, so they were put away in the basement in hopes that they would someday find some use,… and now they have!

We just put one wee wee pad under the entrance tot he cat box to catch any accidents that may occur thereabouts. Works like a charm and is super easy to replace and keep things smelling nice and clean!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go boil some more cheap chicken parts. That’s all Phoebe can eat now (or all she chooses to eat, we’re not really sure which is true!), but at almost 20 years old, she can have whatever she wants! And. besides, her memory is gone and if there is not boiled chicken, she shrieks (oh yeah, she is deaf now too!) horrifyingly until it is produced!

But, We love her anyway!  :0)

100 pads for $22 dollars in not too much to keep the peace, and the fresh scent, in your home!


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