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I Love a Rainy Day! One Bloster Pillow done.. and Lots of New Ideas!

Rainy Day Out My Window   “Rain!”


“Who ordered the Rain?!”

Well, whomever ordered it… Here it is! A big old helping, just for you!”

( You can see the “ghost” of my camera in this picture becasue of the window reflection. And there’s in our caravan out there in the back!)

It’s ok, I actually love rainy days! It’s like getting a day off in that the weeds can grow with abandon, and , “Oh, well… It’s raining! Can’t do a thing about it! I might as well stay inside and _______ ( fill in the blank with knit, crochet, quilt, bake, or your favorite guilty pleasure here!)”

And, as if the Universe were saying, ” Yeah! That’s a good idea!”, I received an email from Crochet Me titled “Learn to Create Colorwork Crochet Afghans”. So, I opened it, of course! I rarely ever buy anything from these emails, but I do enjoy my morning dose of yarn porn!desert sunrise afghan

But, when I opened this one, staring back at me was the perfect afghan for the camper! I had some idea of what I wanted to create, more of an impression or style than an actual design, but this was like she had gone into my head and put the pieces together just for me… A touch of ethnic, a little 70’s-ish, gypsy approved, colorful and , well… unexpected! And when I hot footed it over to the local humongo-book store web site to see if they had her book containing the pattern for this prized piece, wouldn’t you know that the book just so happens to be called “Unexpected Afghans: Innovative Crochet Designs with Traditional Techniques“! Oh, there on the right is a picture of the design I am after, the Desert Sunrise Afghan! A little color tweaking and I think it will fit in with aplomb!


I finished the first of two bolster pillows that I had spoken of for camper last night! Here is a picture of the bolster in its place .

Living room of camper   Ta Da! It is like it grew there organically. I like the color base that I have to work with. Burgundy is one of my favorite colors anyway, but things just look a bit too “under-decorated” for me!bolster pillow

On the right is a closer pic. Sorry it is fuzzy, but, as I said it is REALLY RAINING out and I am not going back out there without a good reason!

I choose a small, maroon, or light burgundy, floral print and a brown paisley for the ends that has maroon and a few other accent colors in it. But it needed some kind of trim. Hmmmm???

My original idea was to add bunchy lace trim, for that  shabby, gypsified  look, but I could find no lace that was large enough, or tea stained enough, to fit the bill. So, I settled on a spool of yellowish mini pom pom trim, but it was EXPENSIVE! I don’t mind paying for what I want, but so much money for so little pizazz? I wasn’t sure. So, I carried it around, but kept looking… and this is what I found!

Starbella Arctic Yarn-White Sand by Premier Yarns! I honestly have no clue as to why this is even called yarn, much less what one might knit or crochet with it, but it is a darn good sewing trim! Plus, it is only about $6.50 for a ball measuring 7 1/2 yards. That’s less than half the price of the disappointing pom poms! Woo Hoo! See, sometimes you just have to keep looking with an open mind! Or as I do,  just keep walking around saying to yourself, preferably NOT out loud, “Come on, I know there is something better here. Show me where it is! Point it out! Lets find it!”! That’s one of the ways I talk to my inner Gypsy Goddess guide and I ALWAYS get amazing results!

And this fluffy trim looks super on the pillow plus adds a sensual textural element to oppose the smoothness of the cotton as well. Could not be more pleased! Here are the ingredients I used for the pillows with a closer view of the  cloths and trim. And HERE is the link to the tutorial I used to sew the pillow covers.

Pillow fixins

Pillow fixins

Now, All I have to do is finish the second bolster, probably tonight, and then I plan on making a pennant banner for the kitchen window with excess cloth from the pillows, plus some calico prints from my fabric  stash. Oh, and I need a draw string pillow case like sack for the adorable little retro camper lights and the clothes pins that we use to hang them on our awning… And then maybe , if I have cloth left, I could make a table runner….And then…. But that is after I finish blogging and doing the daily things for my on line business ( Yes, I have a “day job”!).  Oh, and I’ve got to get to the book store and pick up that afghan book I reserved… and maybe some yarn too, since I’m right there…. Sure, there are enough hours in a day!

Well, looks like it’ll be salads again for dinner tonight, honey! :0)


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