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How’s the weather? Adorable Amigurumi Clouds to crochet, Conceptual Knitting, a Sky Scarf Daily Weather Diary & Beyond!

I have always been interested in the weather. I remember being very excited as a little girl, when it would begin to thunder, my Grandmother would let up put our bathing suits on and go out in the pouring rain to splash around in the puddles. It served two purposes: The kids got clean and to this day, I am not afraid of thunderstorms… I actually quite enjoy them! So, here are two fun projects to celebrate your enjoyment of the weather, in all its amazing forms.

Cute-Little-Clouds   First, I have found this adorable collection of cloud Amigurumi on Maggie Makes Stuff’s blog!

One for each kind of weather, they’d make a great mobile for a wee one, or how about attaching a magnet to each so they can grace your fridge! Or, how about putting a bit of weight in them (perhaps a fishing weight) and making a double set to use as picnic table cloth weights. Good stash reducers… Any excuse will do to make them because they are so cute!

CLICK HERE to find the free crochet pattern for these.


   The next is really something a bit different… It is called the Sky Scarf and is considered a “conceptual knitting” project by Leafcutter Designs. sky scarf

The Sky Scarf, in a simplistically brief summation, is a daily weather diary of sorts, where you knit one or more rows of a scarf each day and using different colored yarns to reflect the day’s weather!

An amazing idea! Visit her web site HERE to find out how to make your own and to see what others have done with this concept.

Once you get the idea, this concept becomes a wonderful usable vehicle to record almost anything: Colors of the leaves on the trees/ general foliage denoting seasonal changes: daily moods: progress of healing, a pregnancy, etc. ; or how about using a color for each state you travel through on in your RV!

AND, if you do not knit, why not crochet a row or two! There is no reason that you can not get in on the fun too! The possibilities are truly endless!




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