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Can Anything Really Stop the Itching of Bug Bites!

Ahhhhh… Life in the country in Summertime! You will be eaten alive you know?! Whether it’s mosquitoes, biting flies.. does it really matter? After they have had their way with you, you are going to itch… like heck!

It becomes too painful to scratch and leaves you with big, angry, red bumps that keep you awake at night and miserable during the day.


You’ve applied itch cream, witch hazel.. all the standard fair, but nothing stops it. Are you doomed to suffer till the frost comes and kills the bugs dead? Isn’t there anything that can help?

Yes, there is.. Water!

A friend of mine said that she read that if you heat a metal spoon under hot running water and then apply it to the bite, the itching will stop. I tried it, but soon realized that my water does not really get hot, hot and that is the key!

Ready for almost instant relief…  Here is what you need to do. Heat a small amount of water on the stove in a small pan till its nice and hot (Boiling is not really necessary… I hate to have to say it, but I feel compelled to…  We are trying to stop an itch, not burn or cook ourselves and cause further problems here! Just use common sense!).

Now get a washcloth and dip the corner in to the hot water. CAREFULLY, apply it to the bite. I just dab it on for a second at a time, so ti does not burn. I do this over and over till I can keep it on there for a good ten seconds or so. The cloth will cool off pretty quickly. (Not to be gross, but it is the same procedure as when you are trying to get a skin issue to come to a head.)

You can repeat the process if the itch has not gone way the first time. Once it does, it will not return.. until you are bitten again, of course! But at least then you’ll know what to do!

This is actually really basic, old timey knowledge. No chemicals and creams, easy to do, all natural and readily at hand, and instant relief… what could be better! Humpf! Progress indeed!


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