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A Garden of Crochet Granny Square Roses with Free Patterns!

crochet rainbow roses

OK, I know I said that I hate white in the last post, but I’d be willing to paint the bedroom a solid pastel… maybe sky blue!… to get this Granny Hip look! WOW!

She made these form her own yarn scraps and the little balls of scrap yarn that one finds at the thrift shops! I cannot say for sure, but I bet the patchwork quilt beneath the pillow, over which I am also drooling, originated in the same place. Hmmmm…. I just might be sucked into the thrift as I pass by it today. Oh No! ;0)

If you love these too, and want to make your own Granny Flower garden creations, CLICK HERE to get the free pattern for just the roses themselves from Rose Hip’s Blog now.

flower square if you want the whole granny square with the rose embellishment.. CLICK HERE!

Yeah, I thought you’d like that one!





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