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Free Feminine Mermaid Filigree Cardigan Crochet Pattern

filigree-cardigan   Here is a nice one! After a long stint back into knitting, my attention span seems to be taking a holiday and I am pendulum swinging back into ease and instant gratification called crochet.

Funny, it seems that I prefer crochet from late Summer through early Winter, and then I switch back to knitting till the middle of the next Summer. Maybe its a hormonal thing.

I have this friend who wants to know if the “real” you is  the one that becomes a rebel, cuts off her hair and buys clothing that you probably never end up wearing during certain time ‘o the month, or is other one the real you? Hmmmm… I don’t know if we will each ever know until we emerge on the other end of life. That is, if we don’t ply ourselves full of hormones in a vain attempt to at forever youthfulness…. so silly really!… and never allow ourselves to go through the natural process of fully “growing up”! ( Ooops! Did one of my opinions show just then?)

Anywaaayyyy…. This looks like a very versatile little cardigan or jacket that would serve many looks. I’d love it over a broomstick skirt and tank top for those times of year when you go out and the air conditioning in many places is set to “arctic blast”! A good seasonal transition piece for Summer to Fall.

It is a… Woo Hoo!… FREE intermediate level pattern and you can find it HERE.

Hey, remember this old tune? It seems to match this pattern well!


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