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The Big Bohemian Crochet Flower Granny Square Free Hat Pattern

granny hat   I love the Holly Hobbie Hippie look! It takes me right back to Little House on the Prairie and all of the wonderful simple, natural, lets-work-together things about the early 70’s when I was growing up! (Hey bad could a decade have been that considered the color mustard and a lowly mushroom to be design elements? Especially when most people were not eating the magical variety.)

This very groovy free pattern, comprised of granny squares (is there NOTHING that Granny Squares cannot do!), is easy and yields a variety of looks, depending upon yarn used.

Use neon for the youngest of neo-hippie chickettes, a retro color for old schoolers, an organic for tree huggers or a rainbow for your favorite flower child!

It is made with Red heart yarn, so about a zillion colors are available to suit your every mood… just chekc your mood ring for current status! ( You know they still make them!)

Oh yea, I am sooo making at least one of these… right after I finish the news boy hat and granny square purse I am working on today.

Oh, CLICK HERE to get this pattern now!

And speaking of early 70’s music… Here is some Stones music to set the mood!

What an album! It’s got Brown Sugar, Wild Horses, Can’t You Hear Me Knocking, Bitch, Sister Morphine, and Dead Flowers! Holy Moly, they just don’t make ’em like that any more!


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