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The “Amazing” Granny Square Bag & an Even More Amazing Afghan In Progress!

I had a hankering for a fun, colorful new purse, like the kind you see on line, but did not want it to be so obnoxiously colored as to be unwearable. ( I loooove to look at those crazy rainbow crochet projects, but I’m not so sure I’d actually end up using or wearing them.)The Amazing Bag

Lion brand’s “Amazing” yarn was the answer! It comes in a zillion swaying shades of wonderful and is soft and fuzzy, but wears well and will not morph into one of those horrid fur ball things that gets stuffed deep into the back of the closet after two uses never (hopefully!) to see the light of day again!

This bag was done with two balls of Amazing, I believe it was Wildflowers and either Glacier Bay or Regatta (something with a water name). Watch my Etsy store and here for the pattern coming soon!

I love this yarn so much that I took it camping with us, switched to a larger sized hook and began feverishly crocheting more of these same basic granny squares that I used to make the bag that are ear marked to become a soft, snugly and colorful afghan for the camper (which has burgundy or maroon decor).

I can just imagine sitting by the fire with the hubby on a chilly autumn night with this afghan over us. Oh, and a cup of hot chai for me and cocoa for him! I can’t wait till Fall!

So far I’ve used a skein each of Glacier Bay, Violets and Constellation. I have another Violets and a Mesa and a few nameless remnant balls of Amazing left overs, which, conveniently look seamless when used together!

I love, love, love this yarn! It’s fun to watch the colors change and each Amazing SquaresAmazing Squares granny square ends up looking completely different. See how great they look?!

I’m planning on choosing a solid color for the base and trim, but I haven’t chosen it yet… So many possibilities!




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2 thoughts on “The “Amazing” Granny Square Bag & an Even More Amazing Afghan In Progress!

  1. Love the bag but love the afghan more, will be checking out this yarn, the colours look so nice and cosy.

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