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August 1st… a Rainy Day Just Right for Cuddling in an Old Quilt

My husband and I call call each other during the day, usually around lunch time, on our “break”. He always asks what the critters are doing.

Well, here’s Bella….

Bella   Snoozing on an old quilt I made with her favorite napping pillow. So where is the cat?


“turn off that light! Can’t you see that I am trying to sleep here!”

  Phoebe is beneath the computer curled up on the carpet by my feet and the wire spaghetti that keeps the physical aspects of my busienss attached to cyber-space. ( It’s like reverse magic…. I take physical things and make them into non-physical things. Weird!)

   It’s a tough life for the critters. i rudely wake them up to snap pics, and then prod them out of their peaceful slumbers to walk or feed them at lunch time…. But, hey, someone has to keep we humans company!


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