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Free Pattern to Crochet Your Own Indian Corn for Harvest Time

Mosquitoes, sweating, bugs, humidity, bugs… Did I mention BUGS!?

Ok, I am done with Summer. Thank the Lady it’s August and we can get on to the “good” (aka “my favorite, and therefore the best“) parts of the year… Lovely , gentle Autumn and crisp, clean, cozy Winter!

Besides, they put the Halloween candy out in the grocery store yesterday, and “Michael’s Arts & Craps :0)” store has had Fall things out for sale for weeeeeks already. So long , in fact, that they are already on sale.

“Buy, buy, buy! Clear ’em out, it’s Christmas time!”

So, it must be time to think of all things autumnal, right? Good!

I found the most amazing thing this morning! It’s Indian Corn you can crochet! Glory be! Look at this….

indian corn  Does this not just give you the warm fuzzies all over!?

   Every year I buy a bundle of Indian Corn to hang on the front door of our 170 year old house. It is not only lovely to look at against the pine green door, but, to me, it symbolizes our harvest of abundances for the year.

We have worked hard in all aspects of our lives and have earned our harvest, so i like to acknowledge it. ( They call this “gratitude”… It’s a good thing!)

Wield the three different colors that you choose to add a touch of magickal significance and meaning as well. Perhaps a golden ear of corn for monetary stability and growth; a rich red ear of corn for the growth of love through the year; and a slate blue ear for the growth of communication and the wisdom that is gained by it. Or perhaps a rich brownish ear for all that Mother Earth has given us throughout the past seasons!

NOTE: You can mix two strands of yarn together to create just the right shade and effect! That would be ideal for this, and you may just find enough in your scraps basket to make a few ears!

   The Pattern is FREE just CLICK HERE!

   I am going out TODAY to get yarn to make this. I think I’ll be using “Homespun” by Lion Yarn. It’s a favorite and the colors are just perfect!

Alicia Kachmar, the blogstress who created this, and many other amazing patterns, (check out here blog here) has a book out too that looks like another “must have for the upcoming season!


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