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Organic Witchcraft Step 1: The Hardest Part of Conveying a Sense of Witchcraft….

I say “conveying a sense of” instead of teaching, as one cannot teach someone that persons’ innate spiritual beliefs.

Let me back up a bit. If you have 26 people in a room, there will be 26 different sets of spiritual beliefs, regardless of what the tally is of the various religions represented there.

Think of religion as a social club where people have many similar interests and beliefs. Now think of spirituality as each of those people’s uniquely wonderful expression of their own personal set of morals, beliefs, ideas, opinions and such. See?

That is why one cannot be taught witchcraft. (One can be offered up a set of common rules and regulations that they will need to adhere to in order to belong to a certain tradition, or social group, but that is more akin to religion than to a spiritual path of discovery such as Organic Witchcraft, and we’ll leave that for a whole other conversation. OK?).

First of all, witchcraft isn’t even definable, except on a personal level, as there are Witches who believe in a God and Goddess, those who don’t those who practice only magick, those who don’t and so on and so forth. It is more of an adjective that is understood in the terms of that particular group or culture.


So, my quest has been to discover how I could present the common fibers of Organic Witchcraft and leave the seeker to weave their own spiritual path from them.

Not as easy a task as it sounds! If one offers too many common threads, a group of like minded individuals may form which takes on a life of its own, and becomes solidified as a kind of tradition.

If one offers too few threads, the like-mindedness becomes too diffuse, and does not offer enough satisfying sustenance, like many Universal Unitarian Church groups who, in a valiant effort to provide all-inclusiveness, lose their focus all together.

We neither want the end resultant garment woven of the threads to be too restrictive, nor shapeless.


However, There are certain strains that do run through this kind of Natural spiritual path. There are, for example, common beliefs in Energy and some sort of directing or guiding force behind it; There is an understanding in what one experiences as Truth; And there are ways that one must tread that tend to diverge from the mainly traveled roads of society in thought and deed.

As few as these initial fibers seem, they are immensely all encompassing. Energy is everywhere and makes up all things, seen and unseen, scientific and not, from radio and microwaves, to the sound we hear and the light that enables us to see, to the molecules that give us our environment its deceptively solid appearance, to the Spirits, auras and other intangibles that fill the time-space continuum around us.


Witchcraft has far less to do with the accouterments commonly associated with it of wand, cup, crystal and pentacle, than it does with thought, intention, projection and experience. Only after familiarity with the latter can the former really be appreciated, enjoyed and used to any potential.


So where do we begin……

I was having a talk about this with a friend of mine yesterday and we decided two things:

First, that once we are programmed out of our natural state of childhood and taught “what is real and what is not” and have our thoughts and words so misguidedly corrected to fit “normalcy”, we may need to spend the rest of our lives trying to get back to that pristine state of pure wisdom, love and trust of our childish selves.

Second: That 90% of what most normal people do, say, think and the way they react are simply knee jerk reactions based on prior-programming to avoid hurt, pain or fear. The second being a direct and unfortunate result of the first.


Where we need to begin is to seek to know ourselves as well as possible. Why we do what we do. Why we like what we like.  Why we think what we think and believe as we do.

   One very simple way is to begin asking yourself constantly:

*Why do I react that way? Or, Why did I just react that way to that situation/person/etc.?

*Did my reaction cause an emotional response within me?

* Was my reaction “genuine to me”, or did I react that way because of some prior programming?

Say, you loved bugs as a little child, but someone you loved was afraid of them and that caused you to begin to be afraid of them too. In this case, someone else’s fear begat fear in you and destroyed your natural sense of curiosity in the creepers, fliers and crawlers that share our world. You no longer need to fear them. You aren’t really afraid of bugs, they were!


   Remember that who, what, why, where and when are unimportant in comparison to the  acknowledgment of the personal inauthenticity of the reaction. This is not psychotherapy, it is simple homespun getting to know yourself!

   This little exercise can help you begin to develop an understanding of who you are and “where you end and the rest of the world begins”, which comes in mighty handy down the line when you need to be able to discern if an energy or emotion originates with you or something/one else! It provides a good, healthy mental platform from which to explore psychic skills.

   It also helps you to set attainable intentions because you know what you believe.  You will not be thwarted, as so many repeatedly are, by your own negative associations and beliefs because you will be able to work around them or dissolve them!


   Yes, it is a long way from wand waving, but even Merlin had to begin somewhere, and I think that you may be beginning to see the value in it. Besides, even old pointy hatted pros will occasionally become stuck in a rut and need to go back to the beginning and clear the debris from their paths. It is easy to read a few books, and practice the words that others have written and hope for something to happen. It is far more difficult, effective, powerful and satisfying to write your own personal spirit-lead book about where you have been and where you hope your path will lead. Essentially, this is a peaceful path that you must walk alone. You may meet others along the way, but your were never meant to walk in their footsteps!


So, go, right now!…

get a book, a blank one!…

and begin asking questions!

Then write it all down!


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