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The Lure (Allure?) of Witchcraft… or Zombies R Us!

There has been a rash of popularity for anything zombie lately. And I wondered why, but now I think I know.
We are fascinated with death. We wonder what comes after it. We think about what will remain of us when we are gone.
I feel that this is especially so in these days of quiet and growing dread. Because we know that ignorance is bliss, and because we still can, we ignore the fast approaching results of many years of mistreatment of our bodies and the environment. We may not instinctively know that GMO’s are bad for the Earth’s fertility and the soil, and the animals that they are fed to and are causing rampant disease and failure in our human systems, but we do know that we have abused the Earth in the name of comforts and laziness.
We are like children who know they are going to get caught doing wrong, but are trying to squeeze that last bit of fun out of whatever we are doing that is wrong!
We have been ignorant, we have ignored, scoffed at and have in general turned off, tuned out and dropped out of thinking for ourselves and taking any responsibility for any aspect of our lives. This makes us one thing and one thing only… Zombies!

Is it any wonder that we have become fascinated with our own reflections in the mirror?

There is plenty to worry about:
* The environment
* The weather
* The government
* The economy
* Our Health
* What the World will be like for future generations…

But what can we do about it? Just be led along like pigs to the slaughter?

No, there is an ancient path of forming communicative connections to the environment around us in which we must live and our own bodies,  so that they can help us and tell us what we ought to, and indeed may need to, do to live well and perhaps even survive any cataclysms that may befall us.
Some call it shamanism or witchcraft, or by a thousand different names, and the names don’t matter. What does is that we don’t lose the ability to do communicate with the Earth, Spirit and our own bodies!

There are allot of people out there searching for “something”, and I do not have all of the answers for them. But I know whee they can find the answers… within!
We need to learn to ask ourselves and then trust what answers come. We can call it asking God, Goddess, our Soul, or anything we wish to name it… Names are a decidedly human thing. I doubt that many other beings or things need them. They probably just go by their own unique energetic signatures. So call things what ever you want to , just don’t call ’em late for dinner!

I believe that some people are called to these ancient ways and instinctively need, although they may not know what that is at first.

sense that it will offer them something that they
After some time, they will begin to understand what it is and who they are once they are separated from those who just come seeking the promise of instant Dineyanna-style magic that they hope will solve all of their problems with little or no effort on their part.
Hey! I never said I was nice. I am not here to “there, there” anyone. I am simply sharing what I know, and what works well. If it’s not for you, then I bid you a fond “Farewell!”
This strains out the ones who are not truly called to this anyway. I mean, think about it, how many wise folk were in an average village of 150 people? Was it one, and perhaps they knew of another one, or were there 150 out of 150 wisefolk, because “We are all special!”

What I am trying to say is that, and you may have some idea of this after reading my previous post, few are called and of them, only a small percentage will be willing to devote themselves to the work of it. Actually, that is incorrect, only a very few of those not be able to help themselves from devoting the time and energy needed to the work of it.
That’s OK, we all don’t need to be chiefs, as there would be no Indians left to chiefdom over! But now ifs a good time to stop dilly dallying around and get on with the skill-building, as there are allot of zombies out there that are going to need someone who really knows what’s what when they finally do wake up!
Our society has left us undernourished and the promises of love, health and happiness that consumerism promised have not panned out. Right now, we are buying all we can to try and fill the void, but we already sense that it isn’t helping and most don’t know what to do but keep on keepin’ on. It is all they know.
Even the professionals that they have looked to for answers are becoming ineffective in stemming the angst and many have simply “stepped out” and are just functioning.

Someone has to keep the old timey, tried and true ways alive for when they are needed again. Someone has to remain unhardened from the constant chaffing, and unaffected by the ticker-tape of propaganda and, well, just  awake!
That is what Organic Witchcraft is to me. A window onto reality. A view of what is true and what works. What will help. What will heal.

Let me know how you feel about this. I’d like to know.


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