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Organic Witchcraft: How to Perform True Magickal Acts

What does one do when making magick?

I’ve been asked this a number of times in a number of ways… “What do you actually do?”

I think that first, I should explain what magick is and that should help make how to do it allot more clear.

I know, there are hundreds of definitions of magick, and I will not reprint them here. I want to give, instead, an explanation of what who you are and why you can do magick!

This is according to how I understand the workings of the Universe… We are made of Creation. We are Creators… Gods and Goddesses if you will.

But, if that is so, then  there isn’t a God and Goddess?

Well, yes and no. I feel that we ascribe the names and attributes that we can best relate to to Creation. And because we believe that They are there.. They are! This also means that we are of Them ( or Him, or Her, or what have you!), and so we are Creators too, imbued with unused, untapped and unimaginable abilities!

We do not ask Them to do things for us, but to guide us (as though we were their children) to do things for ourselves! We make magick to affect and altar the Creation that is our World for our own betterment and enjoyment. OR, we will end up doing so unconsciously, as most of the population does, and end up creating more of what we do not enjoy and is generally not for our betterment!

So, what do we do to make magick? Well, how would a Creator/God/Goddess candles do it? Any way they want to! That’s how!

We can do it all in our minds.

We can wave our arms, building our temples in the air, unseen by the human eye, yet constructed on the astral, soon to be manifest on the physical plane!

We can sing it, draw it, think it, dream it…

 We can use wands, candles, crystals, and tools of every sort, or nothing at all (after all, we are all powerful!), or tools only we can see!

   One of the greatest leaps of faith is to trust ourselves and journey to meet our own inner Creator/God/Goddess and ask Them how They do it. Each of us is different and each needs to tread their own path.

A-hem… This is a good time to get out  that journal that you bought the other day and write about this! Who have you always envisioned yourself as, if you were an all powerful Creator? What are your attributes? What Elements, Creatures, etc. are your consorts?

It is time to create your own mythology, and as you learn your own inner landscape, you will also learn about your power and how to perform true magickal acts!


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