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Tips for the Asthmatic Witch, Or What to Do if you Don’t Like Smoke!

It seems that Wicca is synonymous with billowing smoke! Every scene on television and related in books, seems to show witches associated with great volumes of smoke.

I myself am not asthmatic, but have attended rituals and circles where either the leader burned enough material to purify the entire area of all living entities (cough! Cough!), or, once, where the hostess decided to burn so much incense prior to my arrival, that I literally felt uncomfortable burning what I had prepared for ritual!

Witch   In these cases, not only is the smell was overwhelming, but I usually wash all of my clothes upon going home, as I don’t like smelling like a stinky bar the next day!

And if my throat was dry and I was overwhelmed by the stench, I cannot even imagine the discomfort this would cause someone with asthma, a cold, allergies or any number of other breathing troubles!

Further more, and I have ALWAYS wanted to say this!, I cannot imagine why the people attending the ritual did not say anything, especially upon finding out they they were almost all involved in some form of healing ( for themselves or others), Yoga, and/or most were very health conscious. It is like they feel that they have to endure such foolishness a and it is just a part of being involved!

   Well, I have one word for that… SHEEPLE!

A) Witchcraft has nothing to do with smoke and we all know this!

B) If you are being made uncomfortable, then you need to say something (or you certainly aren’t taking responsibility for your own comfort, much less health!)!

   Ok, so what to do about it?

Well, for those for whom the smoke is the issue, there are many alternatives:

* A fragrance diffuser can be set up to release a gentle aroma into the air.

* A spray can be made using essential oils and distilled water, or can be purchased.

* Natural elements such as potpourri and flowers can serve just as well.

* You can even cleanse or smudge with energy or intention (if you can cast a Circle, you can certainly do this. If not, you need to go back and learn how to direct energy!)

And for those whom the fragrance is the issue, first of all try using way less fragrance! Most of us burn or use way too much incense or use too much perfume.

Also, be sure that the fragrance or perfume is truly natural, as in essential oils, and try Coventry Creations Candles. Jackie, the company’s owner/founder is allergic to most fragrances and designs her candles with this in mind! (Hers are by far some of the best magickal candles that I’ve come across and used! And I carry only candles made conscientiously with respect to our health and Mother Earth!). Calling them up will help to ease your mind greatly. So call them and ASK. That’s what telephone numbers are for… use them!

Of course, if it is simply the Element of Air that is what you are trying to represent, then you can dispense completely with fragrances, incense and flames and just use a feather, a decorative fan, a wand,  a figurine of an angel a bird or a fairy, or any number of other reminders.

Your practice is all about you and your connection with Deity/Spirit/Nature. etc. not about following someone else’s dogma, especially if it causes you discomfort in any way.


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2 thoughts on “Tips for the Asthmatic Witch, Or What to Do if you Don’t Like Smoke!

  1. This is a rather thoughtful post. I had never given much thought to the potential health and discomfort from a lot of material being burned in ritual. I have only ever burned one or two sticks on incense at once, and usually sit them on a high shelf so I’m not breathing the smoke directly, but I have been to places where the smell and smoke are overwhelming. These are good alternatives!

    • Thank You!
      It never fails to surprise me that these issues don’t come up more often. I usually find out that someone had issues (medical or otherwise) long after the fact, when I would have been more than happy to try and make them more comfortable.
      I personally have a smaller home and my altar is in my bedroom. Aside from a very occasional burning of Palo Santo, I have come more and more to prefer just a scented candle or a diffuser with essential oils ( especially when I;ll be sleeping in there just a few hours later!).

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